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ZAO “Zavod metallokonstruktsiy” is situated in the industrial area “Rybatskoye” in Nevskiy district of Saint-Petersburg. It was constructed and designed as a company oriented to production of metal structures for major industrial and civil purposes. This course has been kept up to present days.
There are the railway lines from “Zavod metallokonstruktsiy” to railway station Rybatskoye. This facilitates substantially the access to the main tracks of Oktyabrskaya railroad. The railway lines cross all territory of the plant and get to the main production departments. The plant is located favorably relative to a circular road. The distance between them is merely 5 kilometers, so it is easy to transport the finished products and other cargoes to a Sea Port.

History of the company

Since 1995 the plant began to work. It manufactured 16 000 tons of finished products in the first year of its work. In 1956 the plant’s planned production capacity was 21 000 tons of metal structures per year. The plant’s industrial attachment («Minmontazhspezstroy») defined the course of its activity – the manufacturing of metal structures for other plants construction. In the first years of its existence Leningradskiy ZMK supplied in large volumes production for construction of metallurgical plant’s workshops in Cherepovets (nowadays «Severstal» JSC).
The plant kept its specialization in 1960-s. Metal structures, produced by Leningradskiy ZMK, were used in construction of buildings and workshops of such major industrial companies as Izhorskiy, Kirovskiy, Obuhovskiy, Proletarskiy, Nevskiy works, «Electrosila», LOMO, LMZ, «Arsenal», Novolipetskiy metallurgical works, Moldavian metallurgical works, Oskolskiy electrometallurgical works, AZLK and etc.
Defense and space projects were crucial events in the plant’s history. The plant manufactured structures of different functions for space centres in Baikonur, Plisetsk, Kapustin Yar and stands for space flights imitation and etc. The plant also manufactured metal structures for atomic power engineering in Ingalinskaya atomic power-station (Lithuania), Leningradskaya atomic power-station (Russia).
In early 1980-s the plant was substantially reconstructed. Its manufacturing areas were expanded almost twice. Its equipment stock was modernized and enlarged. The purpose of innovations is the realization of project of stationary platforms issue for off shore oil extraction.
In 1993 a new joint-stock company was established. Adaptation to the new market environment in economic instability made us look for new activity courses. The plant changed gradually types of orders and began to master manufacturing of large bridge metal structures for transport construction. We re-equipped the plant technically. The plant got the necessary licenses and started manufacturing of bridge spans.
The first order was metal structures for Leshtukov bridge through the Fontanka River (Saint-Petersburg) in 1996. The next great step was production of bridge spans for construction of traffic interchange in Saint-Petersburg.
Since that moment a share of manufactured metal bridge structures in overall volume of manufactured production has been increasing and by 2008 it has exceeded 50 %. A great part of the recently manufactured metal bridge structures was meant for construction of the Circular Road (Saint-Petersburg). A great workload is being accomplished in construction of «The West High Speed Highway». Moreover, the plant has supplied production for bridges construction in Moscow, Veliky Novgorod, in the Ukraine and etc.


The peculiarity of the manufactured products is their singleness. The production is unique because of its function and ways of manufacture, so the role of projecting and engineering-technological preparation is very important. The plant includes some specialized drafting departments. We not only design and produce metal structures, but also deliver to site areas and install them. To achieve all these purposes we have established several affiliate companies which trade metal, design drafts, manufacture, perform building and installation works, transport and etc. ZAO “Zavod metallokonstruktsiy” and its affiliate companies comprise «The Group of ZMK companies». All companies of the Group have the necessary licenses and certificates.

Geography of deliveries

The metal structures produced on the plant are used in building objects within the north-west region. However, we deliver our production to other regions of the Russian Federation and abroad – to Europe (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland), Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan), Africa (Angola) and South America (Chile). Since 1995 making drafts of metal detail structures for American construction companies has become another practice of the plant.
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